Elena and Rafa, founders of Beatnik Shoes, a brand 100% designed and made in Spain, are happy with the result of the new mobile spot from the Korean company. They know that their Oxford shoes and Chelsea boots are made with the highest quality and in particular the model chosen by Samsung, the Oxfords for women Beatnik Lena Too Red, is one of the most successful among its customers: A sea of passion in two complementary shades of red with two different textures: A shiny genuine bare skin and a soft red suede passion. (You can see them here).

When a well-known stylist called them asking for some of their models and they noticed the secrecy behind the campaign, in the name of a New York advertising agency, they realized that it must have been a big brand. But they didn’t think it was that much. Different Italian and English models were being considered, but finally, the brand chosen was Beatnik. Filming was also done in Barcelona’s Borne neighbourhood, with everything remaining at home.

This shoes and boots brand has been working hard since 2014 to offer the best craftsmanship pieces, designed and manufactured one by one in a workshop with 40 years of experience located in Almansa, Albacete. In Beatnik Shoes, everything has been forged step by step and with a lot of effort, so the surprise that Samsung looks at them has been a joy for the team.

Samsung, in their campaign “Sibling rivalry” (take a look here), presents the latest model of the Samsung Galaxy S8 device and among other things, tell us how easy it is to buy with a mobile phone. In a few seconds, the shoes a girl wears while sitting on a terrace can be yours, simply by taking a picture of them. And the shoes and the website from which they are purchased in the spot is real, it is the store Beatnik Shoes on Amazon.

The best thing about all this little-great story is to see that sometimes quality, hard work, effort and perseverance still have their reward. Elena and Rafa feel very proud and it’s no wonder, the spot on Samsung Mobile’s youtube channel alone carries more than 8 million visualizations… And from here to eternity!

Here you can find some ad pics.

Contact for further information: info@beatnikshoes.com

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