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US: The Beatnik personality

Beatnik individuals can stand out from the rest because of their personality.

Beatnik individuals tend to be highly intuitive, and they are more interested in the abstract meaning of external world due to their sensitive perception. Beatniks also seem to be relatively free from prejudices and conventionalisms, so they are not especially interested in their fellowmen or any other think about them. They have little respect for traditions and established rules, and for the authority related to their activity field, they prefer to trust their judgement. In general, they are more conscious of themselves and more opened to emotion and intuition than others.

Among people with a beatnik personality, you can distinguish, broadly, two main groups: artists and scientists. The main characteristics are the same in both, but, in general, artists are more inclined to express their disagreement both in their private life and their professional life.

Between beatniks, genius is confused and related, very often, with craziness; in this category, you will find us.

Beatnik dance


The amount of choices that we make in

the course of our existence is increasing, everyone

now has the responsibility of his own biography.


I have always wanted my style. That was also agreed with my personality at all times. As a teenager, dressed like Annie Hall and I did not care that was fashionable or not. Because that was my style at that time. And I was the prettiest and most different of all. I've always found crucial to surround myself with beautiful things and quality. Do not buy cheap products but only those who were of the better class that would allow me, because I appreciate lasting longer and being in perfect condition forever. After finishing my studies and work in telecommunications, I spend many years working with companies image, film, music, fashion and more. And I could see firsthand how important it is professionalism and make things right. And the projected image always depends on caring for full details.
After years of studying the new web world and see how amazing it is to bring people who are elsewhere some of the best products we make near home, we are here to share with you some products with some luck, also form part of your style.


To paraphrase George Best, ``I have spent endless money on parties, partying and cars. The rest I squandered ``. If we add all kinds of clothes, books and musical artefacts coat better or worse, I think you can describe much of what has been my life.
To pay me as real vices, like everyone else, I had to study and fight hard. And I've been fortunate enough to know and work with people from many countries, who are the ones who taught me everything I know now. From a young age, I realised that the middle and dress, what and how is part of the medium is the message. A person is a person in itself and reaffirmed and identified to others by the signals emitted. So choose to wear at that particular time. Either by being in an urban tribe, whether your partner is, this worse, for the job.
And this passion for clothes is something that comes from my family. My parents owned a clothing store. And since very little I've known the world to choose a collection, some clothes, some offers and provide them to customers. To help them to be a little happier. Now, after many years, we will unite the wisdom of George Best with my family history.


To all friends who have helped,

advised and guided us through the whole project, starting with our

manufacturer and friend Paco, his daughter Elena and the whole team of

artisans, our team of artists and

developers and finally to all the customers

who have trusted us


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