Beatnik Shoes Collection Time for Action 2018

Is this the time?

Yep, this is time for Action. Let’s take action: Our 2018 FW collection is here to get you off the ground! Many novelties, many classic Beatnik Shoes and some surprises. Are you ready?
You’ve been asking us for a long time, and we resisted. We were hoping to find the perfect last, the ideal design, the right moment. And here are at last: our first heels: 7-centimetre boots in comfortable medium heels, on a leather sole, ultra-comfortable last and with a toecap full of personality. We present you Doris, elegant and with a point transgressor that inevitably falls in love with you.

Another of our novelties are two brogue boots of cords for him and her that we wanted to have in our family Beatnik. For men we present you to TRUMAN, a cap toe brogue boot perfect for styling with jeans or cotton pants and corduroy. One of those boots that gives personality and strength to the wearer. Perfect for rain and cold and very comfortable.


Brown leather boots for men Beatnik Truman
Brown lace-up Boots for men Beatnik Truman. Handmade in Spain by Beatnik Shoes


And the female version is BARBARA, one of our stars this season. Brogueada, of half a cane in light brown colour very easy to combine. With the comfort of being able to put it on and take it off with the full side zipper and the security of wearing a boot full of style, perfect for cold and rain and also very versatile since it fits well with skirts, dresses and pants.

In this new collection, we have also renewed colours of models we already had. The brown, caramel and earth tones are healthy this winter. That’s why our legendary CHELSEA CASSADY BOOTS that you can find in black leather and two shades of brown in suede, now you’ll also see them in copper-brown calfskin, a tone that doesn’t charm because of its natural combination and its beautiful personality. Another classic Beatnik classic that turns to brown, in this case, one more caramel tone, are the Oxford LENA. We have achieved the light accent we were looking for, a brown that gives light to autumn looks and brings the elegance of a good Oxford to the purest British style.

And those who pass from brown, which you already knew, to black impeccable are the LAMANTIA. The favourite shoes of the most elegant Beatnik boys, for their buckles and long shovel that stylizes the foot.

For ladies, we have two new models in brownish caramel calf. A wonderful Oxford Lena Brown and our monk strap June Brown. Stylish and comfortable.

Brown Monk strap Shoes for women June. Handmade in Spain by Beatnik Shoes
Brown Monk Shoes double buckle June Brown. Handmade in Spain in the softest calfskin by Beatnik Shoes

And to finish telling you about our novelties, we ended with two loafers that define the style we want to reign in your wardrobes. The elegance and comfort of the timeless cordless, tassel-free and black LOAFER in our new ALLEN model. Combine them as you want and break it all with the classic shoe. Some skinny jeans and some loafers? Of course! And for girls, loafers that will make you fly! MARY is the ultimate loafer, crowned with tassels, extra-wide sole, genuine leather and virtually seamless design. For any trousers but as we like it more is with skirts and dresses, acquiring all the prominence they deserve.


As you can see, there are many novelties in this new collection: our first heels, brogue boots with laces for him and her, new colours in brown and caramel tones and new versions of our eternal moccasins. If you want to see all the details, here is the complete catalogue (link)
A versatile, elegant, ultra-comfortable and especially faithful to the BEATNIK style. As Secret Affaire sang: This is the time for action, Time to be seen
Time for Beatnik Shoes!


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