It’s easy to agree with Wednesday Adams and worship black as the perfect colour (or at least until you find a darker one). But it is also true that there is nothing more boring than having all the shoes of the same colour.

On the one hand, there are no nuances in style or the possibility of combining with lighter shades or earthy tones. And the combination of the most classic shade within the male wardrobe, blue, with black, has a large number of supporters, but there are also many detractors who argue that blue tone and the black are not complementary colours.

Therefore, within the masculine colours with more versatility and ease for the combination with other colours, classicism and discretion with all kinds of styles and very British elegance, we have Oxford burgundy shoes. Or as my elders have always said, Oxfords in Bordeaux wine colour. Or as the younger ones used to tell dark red shoelaces.

Oxford full brogue burgundy by Beatnik Shoes

This colour, intense red with some bypasses to almost cherry or directly depending on the type of light, practically black, has been for decades the alternative to omnipresent black and all brown when wearing an Oxford shoe.

Precisely, the classicism of the lines of a classic Oxford brogue with all its decorative perforations combined with the touch of red colour of a good remnant of leather rounds off the style that your wearer wants to print to his wardrobe.


The most unexpected combination with blue or black jeans is perfect. The touch of blue denim colour blends perfectly with the red tone and black jeans blend in perfectly with the dark burgundy veins and contrast perfectly with the brightness of the leather.

In the same way, with a pair of Chinese cotton trousers, in blue, earthenware, pastels and colder tones perfectly match and the Oxford style gives a sure touch of elegance to this wardrobe.

Entering more formal lines, both with a blazer and a full blue or grey suit is a winning combination. The contrast of cold tones with dark red is very pleasing to the eye. And for suits in black or very dark tones, red falls into the complementary colours, so the combination is super correct.

One of how the most daring have tried to make an Oxford’s classicism less severe has been by combining them with socks. Either from the use of colours or using patterns (white moles on a dark blue background are one of my favourites), so that for the happy ones in their style, they have not to give up the advantages of wearing an ultra comfortable shoe, which conveniently lined.

Within our collection of Beatnik Shoes, to all those who you want or have not yet tried to wear a burgundy Oxford, you can find the Oxford Holmes Burgundy, full wingtip in leather flower deep burgundy. Lined in soft calfskin, with leather soles and a thin layer added anti-slip. A pleasure of model and luxury for only 159,99 €.

Oxford full brogue burgundy by Beatnik Shoes
Holmes handmade in Spain leather Oxford in burgundy by Beatnik Shoes

Below you could find some good tips:

We are delighted to hear your opinions or suggestions, is it more interesting than blue or brown? A greeting

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