Oxford shoes have always been the elegance personified in the men’s wardrobe. Its versatility for all kinds of combinations, cuts and colours made it synonymous with classic and multifunctional style decade after decade.

During the last century, throughout the different decades, always as a comfortable option and with a sophisticated light accent to the classic courts, salons and ballerinas, Bluchers and Oxfords came up for the women’s wardrobe. Usually without a heel and almost always with very discreet colour palettes.

Historically women’s Oxfords have been dressed in all kinds of suits and as a culmination of the formal look, almost always with classic trousers. It is in the United States, from the late 1940s and the 1950s when bluchers and some shorts began to dress like a model for casual and almost sporty looks. Collection after collection, throughout the following decades, always appeared as a complement to the classic heels and boots a comfortable and discreet blucher for moments of leisure.

But for several seasons already in this 21st century, with the ultra-complicated lifestyle of today’s women, the simplest and most classic solution of dressing a Oxford all day long, both for the working environment and for the weekend, has been imposed with great force.

On the one hand, it has combined with its traditional elegance and comfort the addition of models with colour combinations that are much more fun and open than the classic shades of a lifetime.

Also, all sorts of colour touches have added to the details such as the use of coloured laces, models with extra thin or ultra full soles and variations in finishes and toecaps, which in the end have made the blucher more than just an option for fashionistas or trend addicts.

Today, for the woman who has an endless workday and personal every day of the year, she needs allies who provide comfort, warmth, elegance and are ultra-matchable with all sorts of styles. And this will allow you to have the only solace in the feet of the user when night and rest arrive. And that the next day, whatever activity fills your impossible schedule, you can rest assured that the timeless comfort and elegance of your Oxford will guarantee you peaceful rest in your busy footsteps.

As an inspiration to all of us, here we would like to show you some examples of how easy and well the new Oxford women combine with all kinds of cuts and colours.

As an example of how well the Oxfords combine with a simple black short skirt, here you have this combination with one of our best-selling models, the colourful Oxford bicolour Lena Green on red.


Oxfords with mini tablets and stockings

Oxford monochrome with long dark print dress

Oxford with mini black dress

Oxford with mini print mini dress and socks

Oxford with mini print dress

Blucher con mini vestido negro

And of course, we still like the Oxfords and Blucher combinations with all kinds of trousers and cuts, such as the Palazzo.

With more classic oversized trousers

Classic straight cut trousers

And finally with some tight black skinny jeans

As you can see, multiple options and all as perfect as full of style. What’s your favourite version? Shorter or longer, are we always happy to receive your ideas and comments?


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