Chelsea Women's Boots

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Women’s Chelsea boots

Women’s Chelsea boots are one of the most popular pieces in our collection. They are comfortable and full of personality. It is a piece that fits with all types of styles and moments. A reinforcement and at the same time a very grateful wild card, for all seasons.

The design of the blade fits perfectly with any type of pants. And in recent seasons the Chelsea boot has been combined a lot with dresses and skirts. We have two lines of women’s Chelsea in our collection. A classic black Chelsea style in soft calfskin called Carla. And two low-top Chelsea models in nude and black suede called Ella.

We never get tired of wearing them at any time. Its air fits perfectly with almost all styles in any tone or pattern and in all the best moments.

Our women’s Chelsea boots maintain the clean lines of the collection. And we have also included, on a super comfortable last, the highest quality materials such as ultra-soft suede and a genuine leather sole, to further enhance the personal style of this model.

All handmade in Spain, with a leather sole sewn by the Blake process and insulated, and internally lined with purple calfskin. Elegant total comfort for a long time.