Smart Dress

“La Gente Elegante se viste por los pies” En estos tiempos actuales tan complicados, en los que estamos ayunos de buenas noticias, la vuelta de una banda que definió perfectamente un momento y un lugar, la escena mod madrileña en los fines de los 80 y primeros 90, es una gran noticia. Smart Dress es […]

Soul Queen of New Orleans: Irma Thomas

God bless you all, Here begins the claim of the beautiful Irma Thomas, her life and miracles, with the help of P. Shapiro.   This marvelous artist born in the picturesque town of Ponchatoula (nice name), Louisiana in 1941. She moved to New Orleans and had their first child at age 14. So far, taking […]

Soul Fever

God gave us two ears and one mouth to speak half of what you hear or if you prefer, that is clearer, to silence twice the talk. Following strictly as fully rule, we will hear a person who remembers his fall to the world of Soul, with all its truth and honestly as possible. Literally […]


KIND OF BLUE is the culmination, as an artist, Miles Davis. It is an album that towers above his peers. It is possibly one of the best albums of jazz history. And not just because the album is pure jazz, no remixes mixtures or modern watermarks, but because it also is one of the best […]