Mile Davis

KIND OF BLUE is the culmination, as an artist, Miles Davis. It is an album that towers above his peers. It is possibly one of the best albums of jazz history. And not just because the album is pure jazz, no remixes mixtures or modern watermarks, but because it also is one of the best sellers in history.Why Kind of Blue has a mystique that? From the beginning, with that bass line elegant and seductive time, the music surrounds us in perfect, vital, round atmosphere where all topics fit together without distortion, as if they had been created as individual pieces but as an ensemble piece.

Lotusland genius and intelligence compositions Miles confided to his musicians and elegance of Bill Evans …

Kind of Blue is the highest peak of jazz. In the main themes of this album are all styles of jazz to date.

Rounding out the group: Bill Evans on piano (replaced by his friend Wynton Kelly on Freddy Freeloader); Paul Chamber, on bass; Jimmy Cobb on drums; John Coltrane on tenor and Julian “Cannonball” Adderley on alto sax.

It was released in the summer of 1959 and marked the climax of Modal Jazz. Before the appearance of this style, the improvisations of jazz soloists were based on the specific key issue, that is, in a tonal center. The starting point that his melodies and chord progressions should return to produce the sense of resolution or have completed something.

But Miles, gave a twist to all this. According to legend, Davis arrived at the studio, with scores that were written during the night and handed musicians.

Were five original compositions, five brief sketches of some tunes on that musicians should apply the rules of modal improvisation and his own genius.

There was only a short essay. When recording the final, a sublime result was obtained.

All this created in two sessions. In total, nine hours of footage that led to a masterpiece

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