God bless you all,

Irma Thomas

Here begins the claim of the beautiful Irma Thomas, her life and miracles, with the help of P. Shapiro.


This marvelous artist born in the picturesque town of Ponchatoula (nice name), Louisiana in 1941. She moved to New Orleans and had their first child at age 14. So far, taking into account the context, so normal. Our star, 18 years old and remarried, had three new stems. Logical. Working as a waitress at Pimloco Club, got an audition with the band room (the Tommy Ridgley’s band) where she practiced her healthy and honest profession as clerk bar, while also attending to her 4 children in her time of leisure. The gig was a critical and commercial success, while recording the week after the dark and accurate “You can have my husband, but do not bother my man“, an absolutely normal and logical title.


In 1961, the year in which many say the music ends, for her numerous lovers of early soul perpetrates the huge “Cry on“. Awesome theme.


At 63, still having a dense, dark future, or expressing in a political correction way a tremendously underground way, she went on all lists with her huge hit “It’s raining“. As you start the theme that cadence, that rhythm, almost like she did not want the thing.


Already in the splendor of Soul, we had the release of “Hittin’on nothing“. So Beautiful.


It may seem a good singer best. They are wrong. Let’s mother Lady and her way of versioning “Time is on my side“. Listen and taste now …. Let your “Break-a-way” … well, no? then you could go with “He’s my Guy” on … yes. Still not feel anything?


And now the paroxysm, the mayhem, madness, the no god, the “everything“! We are talking about the time “Long after Tonight is all over”…. Rhythm, music, rhythm, bad temper, spirit of apathy, revenge, you’re going to get…. Everything in 2.28 seconds. I experimented with soulful known. I play it, to hear his reactions. Mute, white, eyes bulging from their orbits, sweating blood from every pore … and no, nor will (eye, Roy Hamilton is also huge), similar version, recorded by humans. Or woman mother.


We can only laugh and dance and everything that is around is going to be as useless as those who believe that at the end of the night, everything will be over.

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