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Beatnik Shoes. The Footwear of Palo Market Fest

Well, to be honest, Palo Alto Market was the original name when we started visiting this wonderful Market in the Poble Nou área of Barcelona, around 2015. Now we do our best to offer you the best Oxford shoes and Chelsea boots at Palo Market Fest in Barcelona. The name may have changed. But the essence remains the same.


A spectacular venue where industrial design buildings from the early 20th century have been converted into warehouses full of flavour. A vegetation that grows wild and decorates each and every one of the walls with tremendous flowers. Also, all year round. Around the brick buildings, which make up the galleries, are the outdoor stops with the different proposals and in the middle of a square, all the Food Trucks and the restaurant area.


The place is magnificent. But the atmosphere is even better. People from all over the world and of all ages. Large families with three and four generations and young couples for a weekend break. And along with them, groups that come to Palo Market Fest as an afternoon plan. All this makes it a point of pride that Beatnik Shoes is considered by many in Barcelona as the shoe store of the Palo Market Fest. And once you have met our Shoes and Boots at Palo Alto Market, you know what you are going to receive in your online orders. Many of our friends in Barcelona, neighbours of Palo Market Fest, tell us that we are the Shoe Shop of Bac de Roda Street. And we attest that it is one of the streets to which we most often send our products.


Our Oxford shoes, Loafers and boots have accompanied Palo Market Fest in some of its festivals in Valencia. And they have managed to convey that good atmosphere and that elegant party feeling.

Where to find Beatnik at Palo Alto Market

Beatnik Shoes has been repeating the same place at Palo Market Fest, the Concept Gallery, for three years now. We like nothing better than to receive you as you deserve. And for us this place is one of the most special. We are in one of the most secluded corners of the Market. The Concept Gallery is a converted warehouse with a wooden floor and air conditioning. So you can try on everything you want and walk on a floor that looks like a dance floor.


We have participated on many occasions. If you want to know if Beatnik Shoes is going to be in the next Palo Market Fest just look at this link to “Where we are” and there you can see all the calls for the month.  Because whenever we can, Palo Alto Market has a Beatnik Shop.

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