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Handmade Boots and Shoes at Mercado de Motores Madrid. Beatnik Shoes

Beatnik Shoes and Boots at the Madrid Motor Market

At Beatnik, being as we are an online brand, we love to meet you physically. And we love being able to present Beatnik to you as a stylish proposal within the Shoes of the Madrid Motor Market.

We would like to show you the shoes and boots, explain how they are made and the reason for all the details. That all our product is made in Almansa and is used mainly Galician leather. That you can see, touch and try them on the spot. And that experience is provided by the Market. We have been attending the Motor Market since 2016, and it is one of our favourite markets. We have not missed a single call since the first one we attended. And being perceived in our style, by many of you, as the shoe shop at the Madrid Motor Show, we love it.

It is an environment as incredible as the classic Estación de las Delicias, surrounded by all those historical machines. A careful organization, a multitude of proposals for both leisure and shopping and a very fun atmosphere makes many of our customers in Madrid have known us among locomotives. The fact that we are called “those of the shoes of the Madrid Motor Market” is for us a reason of pride.

It’s true that it’s only two days, but being so short, it’s over in a flash. One of our favourite moments is being able to greet our customers and see our shoes with them.

It is true that you can always buy online, at any time of the day and that in our case, there are no shipping, exchange or return costs. But we love the feeling of seeing how beautiful you are trying on a Beatnik. Or that you show us how the ones you have bought on the web look.

Upcoming Beatnik calls

We will continue to work hard to offer you the best laced Oxford shoes, Chelsea boots and moccasins at the Madrid Railway Museum. And as soon as we can and it’s the next Mercado de Motores, don’t hesitate. Come and see us, there are always surprises and you make us happy. If you want to know the next time we will be in the Railway Museum with all our shoes, just click on this link to our section “Where we are“.

We promise you will have a good time with the shoes at the Mercado de Motores de Madrid.

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