Groom Wedding shoes. Some easy tips to succeed

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Wedding shoes for men

It’s time. After giving it many turns and waiting so long that the time will come, this came. And the answer was yes. In addition to our best wishes, we want to give you some tips to go perfect with your groom wedding shoes.

This day is one that we will remember all our lives. Although it seems that the bride has a more critical role, Mens are as protagonists as they are. We want to look perfect in front of all our family and friends. And also at every time, we have to show the photos or video of the wedding.

The most important elements to shine are the suit, the shirt, the accessories, and obviously, the ceremony shoes for men. Although the number of options we have is somewhat more limited compared to our partner, we have many. And following a few simple recommendations, we can feel the most elegant in the world. Some aspects that we have to take into account to wear perfect wedding shoes for grooms:

1-  The suit

Once you have decided what type of wedding you are going to celebrate, classic or more alternative, morning or afternoon and we agree with our partner in the general lines that we are going to follow, it is time to make decisions.

You can opt for a tuxedo, or a classic or custom-made suit. Or again, for something more personal.

If you opt for the strictest label, tuxedo, you will have to opt for Oxford or Brogues grooms wedding shoes in leather or black patent leather.

Black Oxford ceremony shoes for men Miller by Beatnik Shoes
Black leather formal dress Oxford shoes Cap Toe for men. Handmade in Spain

If you’ve opted for a classic suit, black leather Oxford suits to match the black or very dark grey suit will be perfect. If you see it too dark, you can think about adding colour to an accessory. A little touch of colour is always welcome. In fact, for blue suits, it is increasingly common to see them with Oxford Shoes in brown, burgundy or dark blue.

Oxford style shoes for men in brown leather Miller Brown
Brown Laces shoes for men handmade in Spain by Beatnik Shoes

A somewhat less formal option that has grown in recent seasons, especially in the younger ones as grooms wedding shoes, is the Double Buckle Shoe or Monk Shoe. As well as being elegant, you avoid buckle laces.

Black Monk strap shoes for men Lamantia black
Black Double buckle shoes for men Handmade by Beatnik Shoes

If you’ve decided on a different style ceremony, the two-tone Oxford is an excellent option that adds a differential touch.

Two tone black and white Oxford style shoes for men Holmes BW by Beatnik Shoes
Handmade in Spain black and white Oxford Spectator for men Holmes B&W by Beatnik Shoes

And for those of you who want something even more unique, we can always make you a pair of personalized shoes, make to order, with a combination of colours or materials you like. Remember to give us at least a couple of months notice. Thus, we will have plenty of time for the big day (and for them to be for photography tests and so on).

Once you have all the elements of the great day, try it all at once. And see how it combines everything and above all, how comfortable you feel.

2- Season of the year

A summer wedding is not the same as a winter wedding, nor is one held in the north or south of Europe. Black Oxford shoes are perfect in an elegant setting or at a religious ceremony. Weddings on the beach or in the countryside can inspire other options that are also elegant and different.

If the wedding is to be held on a lawn, good Oxford Brogue men’s ceremony shoes with grain leather will again be perfect. Nothing like classic brogues to combine elegance and protection against possible humidity or even rain.

And for weddings with more heat or outside the traditional protocol, shoes with more colour and even suede can be perfect for the day if I want.

3- Comfort:  The most crucial thing

The day will be pleased. It’s true. And also very long. So dress elegant and above all, very comfortable. Good shoes with good leather and that fit you well,  neither tight (bad day to tame them), nor excessively big. You’re going to have to do a lot of things, and everything must be in place. And that there is absolutely nothing that bothers you, neither in style nor in comfort.

This time top quality shoes show how different they are from regular ones. In the first few minutes, everything seems to be okay. But when we’ve been through several hours of this ultra-intense day, you’re heartily thankful for having invested in these good wedding shoes that you’re now going to wear.

Some Tips for Godparents, Witnesses and Guests.

The same advice that applies to the protagonist of this celebration is valid for the companions. And to make no mistake, if the wedding is etiquette, classic or traditional, bet on the perfect ceremony shoes for men. Oxford shoes in black.

Black Oxford shoes full brogue wingtip Holmes deep black by Beatnik Shoes
Black Oxford shoes full brogue wingtip in genuine leather for men by Beatnik Shoes

If the celebration is more relaxed or young, we can open the range of models. Both Penny loafers and Tassel loafers (or what is the same, mask moccasins and tassel moccasins), can be an exciting option.

Classic black moccasin for men Allen
Classic black loafers for men in genuine leather

And there may also be more room for Oxford lace shoes or Bluchers with more colour. Or for shoes with other materials, such as suede.

Brown Suede business casual Oxford shoes style for men Beatnik Corso handmade in Spain by Beatnik Shoes
Brown Suede Oxford shoes style for men ideal for casual smart attire Beatnik Corso handmade in Spain by Beatnik Shoes

Further aid for the combination of shoe colour with a suit or trouser colour. In this link, you can visit our colour table in a blog entry Beatnik Club.

Our last recommendation is that you enjoy this special day as much as possible.(And don’t forget to send us the photos of the event, so we can share them and see how elegant you were).

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