How to wear men’s Chelsea boots smartly

Black Chelsea boot by Beatnik

Chelsea Boots for men, some tips about how the dress them in style

For some years now, within the masculine style, it seems that the only trend has been sports fashion. And it has been a very remarkable exception. This is the  Chelsea boots as an elegant accessory for all styles.

Traditionally they have been used with black skinny jeans and monochromatic tones (black almost always). Chelsea black boots were already a personality-filled element. As simple as wearing a t-shirt, a short jacket and black denim pants. And so it has been over the last 50 years. Since the beat movement in England and the American garage sixties rock and roll will use them with total devotion.  As the decades went by, the different scenes of rock and roll fell down to the classic charm of good Chelsea booties. In addition to the style, the ease of use, the speed with which they can be put on and taken off as well as the degree of protection they provide to the ankle have always made them a winning offer for any wardrobe.

To show you some stars who have dressed them over the years, we will start with the Beatles. In fact, they dress them as they are now dressed in the formal model. With a full suit and tie or as we particularly like them, with a simple gooseneck.

Here we have the future Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan, many years before he was invested, all in black.

And finally, a competition of how to be the coolest in the world. The Velvet Underground + Nico + Andy Warhol, all with Chelsea boots and all with sunglasses.

At the end of the last century, fashion trends appeared as the casual business, casual Fridays where along with suede bluchers and desert boot. It began to emerge as an option for footwear the Chelsea suede boots combined with Chinese pants and blazers. It was never on a massive scale, but they had already left the concert hall, so to speak, and could be seen from time to time.

Some Chelsea business style pictures

And since then, they have been used mainly at the autumn-winter season in leather. And spring mostly in suede almost always in different shades of brown. With earthy colours, pastel, ochre and of course with the ever-present blue, they combine perfectly.

And in this latter part of the second decade of the 21st century, along with the more casual style we talked about earlier, the formal Chelsea booty has emerged as an element of modern dandy, to be worn with the most formal and distinguished looks. Not only with a jacket, but also a full suit, combined with a long or short raincoat, coat or Crombie. And being used in black, leather, mahogany brown or the different tones of suede.  The combination combines classicism, elegance and above all, comfort. Chelsea suits are perfect in grey, blue and black suits and with all sorts of patterns. From tweed to a classic pinstripe or prince of Wales. Always impeccable and flawless.


As many of you have asked us about it, we are going to give you some notes to know how to differentiate an authentic Chelsea boot from a simple boot with elastic.

1- The last is narrow. If it is wide and round, we are talking about a boot with elastic, but it is not a Chelsea boot.

2- There are two pieces that are sewn at the height of the heel and joined by the elastic. And they are sewn in parallel.

3- The sole is usually made of leather and does not tend to be very wide to maintain the elegance of the piece.

4- If they have zips, they are not Chelsea boots, strictly speaking.

5- The classic materials for a Chelsea boot are leather or suede.


At Beatnik Shoes, we have our Chelsea Cassady men’s boots available in black calfskin and mahogany brown leather and brown, brown suede and tobacco. All of them are lined inside with leather and a leather sole plus an additional anti-slip layer.

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