After a long, hot summer finally arrives the cooler season we were expecting. And with the new season, all our new products arrive, after a hard work in the recent months.
We continue fulfilling our collection with new proposals and versions, very often coming from our friends and customers. For him, and for very formal occasions, some of you requested for an Oxford cap toe in calfskin, and we are pleased to present our version, a sober and elegant design with the highest quality in the auctions and the raw materials, with leather soles and below a spay injection antiskid. Besides, many of you told us that you would like to see more colors in our Oxford assortment. And we get ready, the most classic version of Spectator, a black and white bicolor Oxford, made of soft calfskin with genuine leather flat with a thin layer of antiskid injected spay.
For her, following the introduction of the Oxford Lena Too red in suede and patent red leather and Oxford Lena Black & White in contrasting calfskin, we introduce a new version in shiny black patent leather named Lena Pure black. We have included a double sole floor in genuine leather to get more distance to the ground and finally we’ve injected a layer of non-skid spay. Comfort and shelter for all the cold season.
We are also very proud to present our new range of Tassel loafers. For him, we introduced two versions made in genuine leather and with very special soles. For the version in burgundy, which adorned only with tassels and it is called McClure, we opted for a full extra wide sole in very light spay special for very cold and wet climates. For the deep black version, which we decorate with tassels and fringe and it is named Ginsberg, we have included a midsole injected spay slip on the bottom sole of genuine leather, exposing the seams of the sole.
For her, we have also introduced as well a complete range of Loafers. On the one hand, a model made of brown suede and shot loop, we have called Gloria. There are two more versions with tassels and fringes in burgundy and a deep black. And finally, a classic loafer in black with mask and low spade, we have made in genuine calfskin leather. Facing this rainy season, and also aim to make them ultra lightweight, we have incorporated spay light outsoles for all these models, with all genuine leather insoles.

In our manufacturing, we continue to use only the best calf leather available in the market, the fine work of our artisans and the more traditional manual techniques only. Unlike other manufacturers, our product is manufactured in one piece and doubly stitched and stuck in the traditional Goodyear procedure. The foot forms a whole with the shoe, completely surrounded by genuine leather, virtually seamless, being impervious to outside temperature and humidity. All this is what results in a perfect sight and especially ultra perfect and comfortable at your feet product for a long time.

Finally, we have introduced a new ankle boot in black called Dylan in genuine soft calfskin. The inner and outer sole is made of genuine leather and are trimmed with a blue antiskid injection in spay and a detail of suction cups to improve grip, whatever were the weather outside. It is an elegant and very warm for this season chukka boot, which allows you to leave the desert boots in the closet until next spring.

Along with all these developments, we continue with all the former models that you liked, maintaining the same level of extreme quality and maximum attention to detail, within the parameters of craftsmanship in which we operate.

We want to thank all the artisans who daily stitch by stitch, continue to create shoes that are an absolute dream. On the other hand, we thank all the customers across Europe who have trusted us and have helped us so much. We hope you enjoy the best of life in this coming season. And we hope you enjoy our new collection as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

As you know, we call our male shoes as writers and female shoes as jazz and soul singers. And Henry Miller, Dylan Thomas, Tammi Terrell or Gloria Jones, well deserve this tribute. A final small gift. We invite you to enjoy the wonderful classic The Truth, the title to our collection.

See you soon!!!!

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