On the 28th of January, our shoes were parading through the catwalk of Madrid’s fashion week. Sunday was the day on which took place the presentation of the FW 2018 collection by the basque designer Ion Fiz,”I am what I am”. In his own words has called it that way since “I am as I am and for that reason, I design what I design, what comes out of my heart, without artifices”. A collection full of nods to New York, both Andy Warhol’s Factory and Studio 54 hedonism.

Beatnik Shoes in MBFW Madrid
Beatnik Shoes in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

And within this universe, Ion Fiz, who always likes to look for collaborations with emerging brands such as Beatnik shoes, has invited us to participate in this fashion show. The models that have paraded along with their creations have been our Oxfords Holmes Black and White, the genuine leather Oxford Holmes Deep black, the Lamantia buckle shoes and of course, our Chelsea boots. The combination of his work with our models could not have been better, as you can see in the attached images. Color, contrast, texture and always quality.

Beatnik Shoes in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid
Beatnik Shoes in MBFW Madrid

For us, seeing our shoes in the middle of the catwalk with all the scenery of one of the most exciting fashion weeks in Europe has been an enormous stimulus and a high load of positive energy. Now we can only work even harder to present you with models and novelties that will continue to surprise and amaze you because you are entirely the reason for our existence. In our inspiration and work, this is true; we are coming from the streets to the catwalk. And of course, a million thanks, Ion, for your trust.

Attached this link for you to see the whole event.

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