The Shoes at the Mercado de Diseño de Madrid – Beatnik Shoes

Classic Shoes and Boots for men and women at design market of Madrid. Handmade in Spain by Beatnik Shoes

Beatnik Shoes at the Design Market of Madrid

The first market Beatnik attended was the Madrid Design Market in the spring of 2015. And after many years, it is an honor that many people consider us “the brand of shoes in the Design Market“. Or for those who first met us, “those of the classic shoes of the Matadero“.

We have been both in the esplanade and inside the galleries, we have gone to the Madrid City Hall or we have exhibited in different palaces the Beatnik shoes and boots with the Mercado de Diseño. And we have made many friends by installing our brand to be like a shoe store inside the Mercado de Diseño.

Young couples, the neighbours of the neighbourhood, families, tourists, an infinite number of beautiful people who want a good midday or afternoon plan. The organization has always focused on attracting concerts by alternative groups, which in addition to attracting their followers, always provides a concert atmosphere of the most healthy.

Being an online brand, being able to meet our customers live is a real pleasure. In the Matadero esplanade or inside the galleries we have made a lot of friends. And when we speak at other events we love to remember the time and place we met. Really, even if it is only for two days, Beatnik becomes a proposal that allows us to present the shoes in the Design Market of Madrid. And many friends look for us to try on and get to know first-hand the novelties of the season.

To know when we will be back

For Beatnik it is a pleasure to be present as a brand, surrounded by different proposals of the most disparate. From the most technological to the most alternative. And we can meet and show our work to a huge range of very different people. In just two days. So if you want to know if our shoes are going to be in the next Madrid Design Market, just click on this link to our section “Where we are“, and there we place all the calls of the month in which we have confirmed that we will be. And if so, come by for a drink, to see a concert, or to meet us, because we always have a surprise.

And we’re looking forward to seeing you there.

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