Some steps to get here, now…


End of the spring. A weekend travel to London. Saturday morning in a shop, close to Camden Lock.

  • Good Morning Sir. May I help you?
  • Yes, I was looking for some good leather ankle boots
  • Excuse me, but, where are you from?
  • I am from Spain,
  • And if you are coming from one of the countries in the world with the best shoemakers, why would you like to buy here? Do not misunderstand me, I have good products in my shop, but you could easily find similar shoes in a better price in your home city.



Again in London, music festival at Easter. Shopping in Oxford Street

  • Good Morning Sir. These are the best ankle boot we have. Nice design, correct finished, good material, nice details, competitive pricing, and they are a Carnaby brand.
  • Yes, they are ok,
  • Where are you from, Sir?
  • Spain,
  • It is funny, you are coming to London to buy a product made in Portugal



Another music festival. After a whole night dancing. Out of the venue, our friend M. appears barefoot with her boots in her hands.

  • M, how are you ? Are you ok?
  • I’ve got a back ache, legs ache, ankle ache, wounds and soul ache as well.
  • And, what about your feet?
  • That’s the only area I am not feeling any pain .I don’t feel them. I’m about to throw away these bloody boots to the trashcan, right now


After a walk, in Rome. We went into an artisan shop, with a very good quality product

  • Here you have this model that is perfect to go out. But you also have this one, more likely to the office.
  • They are amazing, but I would like one for both areas
  • Oh sir, that is almost impossible




Reading a “Shoes history”, we read literally “the first known shoe appears in Altamira, Santander, Spain, and it is the oldest known representation of a person covering his feet with shoes”.


We designed shoes that are going to be many years with you. They have been hand made by master craftsmen that add all together hundreds of years in experience, and day by day, from more than 40 years. They have been able to make a product for you using only the best materials available in the global market. The addition of the best craftsmen, the best materials and a classic design is what we offer in Beatnik Shoes.

 We think there is no need for two wardrobes, two spaces, one for job clothes and the other one for personal clothes. We think we have only one life and we should dress ourselves only one way. Our way. As ourselves. And what we offer you are some of the best shoes you could find in the world market.

By now, We have defined a short collection that is going to grow in the coming months. All we do is just for you, so please send us your suggestions or requests.

 Thank you for your confidence


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