Some cool tips when choosing footwear

  • It is essential that the shoe is made of leather to absorb moisture and provide adequate temperature control.

Pieles Beatnik








  • Must have non-slip soles to prevent falls and sprains. Avoid buying models with internal seams that hurt his foot. Try the tab to fit the instep to protect and secure.


Chelsea by Beatnik Shoes

  • Footwear should be light and flexible, as if the foot carries more weight than adequate, could affect walking and so the bones were damaged. The materials and technologies used in the heel of the shoe must absorb the energy of the blow, effectively cushioning the impact of weight on the floor.


  •  The shoes must be comfortable, not tightened or adjusted. In turn, when choosing a design must always remember that the must adapt to the shape of the foot and not this to the last shoe.


Oxford by Beatnik Shoes


  •  Note that the best time to prove it is late in the day. This is when your feet are tired and swollen from walking and normal daily fluid retention.


  • At the time of test, put on both shoes and walk together. Make sure the heel fits snugly into each shoe and not slip when walking. If they are quality shoes should feel comfortable right away.


  • Always prioritize quality. A good shoe is a long term investment and can last for many years.




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