The best Shoes for Women for the Office. Oxfords and Monk Shoes

Some good advices about the best shoes for professional women at work

The best women’s shoes for the office. The new feminine and professional style of Oxfords and Monk shoes.

The way of dressing in the office has evolved a lot in the last few years. Slowly and imperceptibly, but things have changed. No longer just lounge shoes and single-colour rigid suits worn by the professional woman. That’s what this post is about, style, color, the best women’s shoes for the office and practical advice on how to be the most elegant and impeccable professional in the contemporary office.

To begin with, we go over four truths that we must not forget:

-Not dress for the job we have right now, but for the job we want to have.

-Appearances matter. You can say what you like, all very correctly. But in the end, 99% of people, as they see you, treat you.

-Faced with beating the odds with anyone, every day and in any situation, it’s best to feel safe with the style we have. And even more so in that jungle that is the world of work today.

– As my grandmother used to say, invest so you don’t spend twice. And in the environment in which we move, the first impression is more vital than ever and we cannot change it. That’s why you choose the best possible quality shoes and boots for the job. You will be on the job for many hours and nothing highlights a style like wearing good shoes of the highest quality. Regular shoes, “the not bad ones” or “the ones that look like…” age from bad to very bad and in the end it is not worth it. Especially when we want to project a serious image and level.

And three key points to remember, since they are eternal:

– The working day will always be long or much longer than we would like.

– We know more or less what time we leave but it is often complicated to know when we can return. And in what state.

– We have to be prepared for any contingency, having to go out, come in, visit, with rain, with heat and with everything.

We start at the base

Here are some tips on the best women’s shoes for the office. One of our specialties at Beatnik Shoes, according to many of our friends and clients.

1º For battle days, (or be, most days), a good Oxford style shoes without heels. Or a pair of Monk shoes with double buckles, which have a very similar last. Very elegant, they dress with everything and they are clearly the most comfortable shoe that you will be able to wear the same at 7 in the morning as at 7 in the evening. Because of their versatility they would be for us the best women’s shoes for the office. As far as colours are concerned, if we go for grey or blue, the basic choices of black, brown or burgundy are perfect. Elegant and discreet to move like a fish in water in the office.

Black lace up flat shoes for women Ethel Handmade in Spain by Beatnik Shoes
Black Oxford style for ladies Ethel Handmade in Spain by Beatnik Shoes

2º For special days, meeting days, Fridays, days with scheduled afterwork etc., we can also wear Oxford shoes, but playing with the colour of the model. The same grey outfit combined with red or yellow Oxford shoes is much, much more. Or in some colour of easy combination, like beige. And equally, comfortable to say the least.

Handmade in Spain beige lace-up Oxford Style shoes for women Beatnik Ethel Beige
Flat lace-up beige Brogue shoes for women handmade in Spain by Beatnik Shoes

3º For complex days with visits abroad, long days to walk a lot, in short the typical days of much movement and much complexity, we opted for the moccasins. Whether they are classic with a mask or with tassels, they are super comfortable, you don’t need to worry about laces, they are perfect with socks or stockings and finally, in our models the sewn soles are made of insulated and anti-slip material for days with a bit regular weather.

Womens burgundy tassel loafers for women Tammi
Womens burgundy tassel loafers for women Beatnik Tammi Red. Handmade in Spain by Beatnik Shoes.

At Beatnik Shoes we have loafers in burgundy or brown, very easy to combine with blue and grey and then with some slightly different colour, like blue or green. And perfect also for a more casual look or for afterwork.

Green moccasins for woman Beatnik Irma Handmade by Beatnik Shoes
Green Leather Penny loafers for women Beatnik Irma Green. Handmade in Spain by Beatnik Shoes

4º And for days of pure and hard winter, with cold and rain, we have the option of wearing our Oxford boots, which give the same image as an Oxford shoe, but with them you are totally warm.

Classic Brown Brogue laces Oxford Boots for women Handmade by Beatnik Shoes
Brown leather lace-up boots for women by Beatnik Shoes

The most popular colors for the working environment

Navy blue and grey are the colours worn by 90% of our male colleagues. That’s because they are easy to combine, discreet and are hard-wearing colours for both summer and winter. That’s why it’s a good idea to camouflage ourselves with the mass and wear those same colours for what are the central pieces, jacket, jumper, trousers or skirt. And for the blouse or top, a slightly lighter pastel colour or with subtle stripes that highlight the outfit and take away the look of uniform. To avoid going eleven months with the same colors, and differentiate wardrobes, it is good to choose other shades to oxygenate. For example, in summer, use earth tones that combine very well with warmer colours. And in the workplace, it is a fairly conservative colour to wear.

We know, dressing with two tones is classic as the world, but it is very effective so that the only thing that stands out is the enormous work you do. Being always impeccable in the forms (in this case, we refer to the dress).

Some friends tell us that they have a personal wardrobe for themselves and another one for “the character” that is going to work. Seeing how the working environment is evolving in Europe in this wonderful 21st century, the character who is going to work with us should dress as a superhero. As we believe that pyjamas with a cape still have a little way to go in the city centre offices, we are going to make a series of quick brushstrokes.

Colours and their combinations

The symbolism of colour is something we love, because we believe that the world is already too monochrome. The fact that a tone has a psychological or behavioral reflection is something that seems magical. So let’s review the most used ones, what the manuals say they express about us and how to combine them to give us a working image of ten.


The colour of seriousness and confidence. Loyalty, tranquillity, security and all those positive professional characteristics that we have and that we want to be recognized in the working environment. And if it is already in dark shades, better than better.

And we can combine it perfectly with practically all other colours.


The combination of black and white creates this tone. A tone that is serious and neutral, perfect for work. And that combines well logically with black and white, blue, red, pink, beige, oranges and violets.


In countries like Spain it is the universal colour to combine. The colour of power, formality and the most classic seriousness. Its most classic combination is with itself, and then it also works well with white, purple, yellow, orange and purple.

Red or Bordeaux

They are colors that give off strength, power and stimulus. In the work environment they are very useful for complements and they combine well with blue and grey. And with white, black, pink and green.


It’s the color of credibility and security. A very natural colour and very suitable for the most sensible people in the office. It works perfectly with blue, white, pink, yellow, green and all earth tones.


A joker to combine with darker clothes. In addition to putting a note of color transmits cleanliness and neatness, so there is no mistake to use it in the right measure. It goes perfectly with black, blue and red.

And these colors also exist


A very natural and fresh tone that evokes very positive emotions such as seriousness, confidence and balance. It matches very well with brown, white, grey, black and dark blue. And with tones like yellow and gold. However, it is not a tone very used nowadays in the working world.


A colour that transmits richness, elegance and at the same time, sensitivity and spirituality. Very interesting to add some accent to a complete working set. Another shade that is not excessively popular in the office today. It combines very well with green, pink, yellow and white.


The colour of joy, energy and innovation. And that because of Moliere, he doesn’t like it in the theatres, nor in premieres in general. By the way, we have to forget about these stereotypes, because they go well with grey, black, blue and purple. So a touch of yellow, it’s going to give a lot of strength to the set.


A relaxing and serene color. And that it has all the positive characteristics of white, with a superior addition of style. And it goes in style with blacks, whites, blues, browns and reds. In other words, with almost the entire classic color palette for the office.


A colour associated with creativity and full of personality. A colour so vivid that it is only seen as a contrast to the greyer and colder tones of the working environment. It goes very well with blues, whites and blacks. So a detail in this colour can tell us a lot and good.


The colour of sweetness and sensitivity. A basic one to combine with light greys and marengos. A color that we can also dress very well with whites, greens, browns and blues.

If you have any doubt about the best women’s shoes for the office or any suggestion, don’t hesitate to send it to us!


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