10 reasons to wear Oxfords for girls this season, by Beatnik Shoes

1- They are as comfortable as can be perfect for walking on a wet sidewalk. Or on a rainy day. Or on a day that maybe, watching the gray clouds, the rain is about to start.



2- Elegant. With a tiny trousers or with a long skirt or with a plain dress. Any style, any time.


3- They are warm. All your foot will be warmed and embraced with a good sole and a leather upper.


4- You can take them to work. They match with your “labor” uniform, whatever it is your job. And being without high heels, you will end your day without any fatigue.


5- Because they are always in fashion. So we have our friends telling us that a pair in a neutral color is not enough. A classic shape and a color that is not so serious is a sure way to hit.


6- Coincidentally, although we do not follow heavily that topic, in the European catwalks this season they have come back, hard. Sometimes in bizarre combinations, but its classical base remains.


7- And in this totally connected world, you will never know what came first, the fire or smoke, all kinds of celebrities and trends followers, do not stop to show them off.


8- The international fashion publications, at their famous top lists essential (or “must lists”), anytime there are more than 7 models, almost always they include the Oxfords posing as required.


9- In the blogosphere, one of the models that are suing us from all geographies are our Oxfords girlie in all sorts of color combinations or on their totally black version.


10- Because for our friends and favorite clients, the queen is our Oxford Lena. We have a basque client ( Hugs and kisses, Iratxe) who has asked the entire Lena collection. All of them. We think this is because we offer a model of genuine leather handmade in Spain, showing a classy comfort at an attractive price, built to last not only this season but for many more.


And now, our friend, what is your favorite Oxford Lena?







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