New FW 2019 2020 Beatnik Collection “Plan B”

New Beatnik Plan B FW 19/20 collection

Many times the first ideas are the best. But it never hurts to have other options in mind so that it can happen. And sometimes, that different path that opens can be better than the first. And if it wasn’t, at least it allows us to move on. And that is the essential thing in the end.

For our new collection this season, in addition to introducing more stock of your favourite models, we have included some news that you will surely love.

Male Newcomers

For the boys, seeing how much you liked our lace boots Beatnik Truman with laces with extra-wide  sole, we had to launch this new black version. The softer calf leather, wide sole made of insulating and non-slip material and lined inside in calfskin. Elegance and style along with the warmest comfort for this winter.

Black leather lace-up boots with rubber sole for men Handmade in Spain by Beatnik Truman Black
Black leather lace-up boots for men Handmade in Spain by Beatnik Truman Black

Along with this, for all those who are looking for a very minimalist style. A shoelace without any decoration, we have created a new family, Beatnik Blucher for men Jack. A Blucher in flower skin, with virtually no outside seams. All built on the most consistent and comprehensive sole against cold, rain and humidity. Besides, it is lined entirely in soft calfskin — a classic for everyday life without fearing the most changing weather. We have a more severe and formal black version of our new Beatnik Blucher Jack Black.

Men's black Blucher shoes Beatnik Jack Noir ‬
Oxford Style lace-up black shoes for men Jack Noir

And on the other hand, a version with a touch of dark burgundy colour, Beatnik Blucher Jack Red.

Oxford Style Shoes for men Handmade in Spain Beatnik Jack Red
Blucher lace-up Shoes for men in leather Handmade in Spain by Beatnik Jack Red

Female New products

For our friends, we also have several new features.

Our black flower leather Tassel loafers Beatnik Mary had been a favourite last season. And as you know, we love colours. Thus, a small limited edition in dark burgundy was necessary — non-slip sole, lined in leather and a very personal style, like all our moccasins.

Deep Red tassel loafers for women Beatnik Mary Red
Burgundy Loafers for women Beatnik Mary Red. Genuine leather and thick rubber sole. Handmade in Spain by Beatnik Shoes.

We present to you our new blue double buckle shoes for women with a touch of colour. They are classic monk shoes that are perfect with all cold, blue tones.  And that dress specifically with jeans. All this, with ultra-soft skin and lined inside leather. That is our Monk shoes for women Beatnik June Blue.

Blue MonkStrap Shoes for women Beatnik June Blue
Monk two-buckle shoes for women Beatnik June Blue. Handmade in Spain by Beatnik Shoes.

In Beatnik we love two-tone shoes since we were born more than five years ago. And collection after collection, we present new versions of our Oxford and Bluchers. In this case, we combine dark green with black, on the blade of our Blucher shoes for women Beatnik Ethel. It is lined in leather and with stitched leather sole plus a thin anti-slip layer. Discreet and full of style, we know that it will be a gift (own or foreign) that will give you many joys this holiday season.

Two-Tone lace-up flat Oxford style shoes for women Beatnik Ethel Green on Black
Flat lace-up two-tone Brogue shoes for women Beatnik Ethel Green on Black

And finally, our Beatnik Barbara Black laced leather boots for women. A hand-padded flower leather shovel, leather sole with a thin anti-slip layer, lined inside leather and along with the laces, a smooth side zipper. Perfect with dress, skirt or pants. Very contemporary style and coat this fall/winter season.

Black leather laced and low-heeled zipper boots for women. Beatnik Barbara Black Handmade in Spain by Beatnik Shoes
Black leather Oxford brogue laced boots for women. Beatnik Barbara Black Handmade in Spain by Beatnik Shoes

In addition to presenting our new collection, we always love to give you a song that has inspired us when preparing it. And as many already know, the song is the classic Dexy’s Midnight Runners, “Plan B“. That is a real face A in music and lyrics. Play it clicking here

We hope you like this Plan B as much as we do.

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