New Beatnik Shoes Collection “The Beat Surrender”

New Beatnik Shoes Collection

Welcome to our new collection “The Beat Surrender”


In this complex year, launching a new collection has been even more special. We have run in all directions to finally go the only way possible, forward. Now we’re presenting these models, which were born in this context and are even more incredible.


This time we’ve chosen loafers as a multi-purpose model for the whole year. And a model that can be perfectly dressed tomorrow and in five seasons.


On the one hand we have our Irma BW Bicolour Moccasin, which is a limited edition in black and white, the colours of our logo and of so many bicolour things we love.

Two-Toned Penny loafers for women Beatnik Irma Black & White
Handmade in Spain Black & White two-tone mask loafers for Women Beatnik Irma Black & White

On the other hand, we have our Penny Loafers Irma Chesnut in glossy brown, with fantastic leather and a brown tone that is tremendous.


Brown Penny Loafers Beatnik Irma Chesnut
Women´s Brown Mocassins Beatnik Irma Chesnut. Handmade in Spain in the best leather.


And then there’s the Beige Ethel Blucher, made from calfskin, with the classic last of our Girl’s Brogue. That’s what you liked so much.


Handmade in Spain beige lace-up shoes for women Beatnik Ethel Beige
Flat lace-up beige shoes for women handmade in Spain by Beatnik Shoes

 More models


Regardless of the current context, we’ve replaced many of your favorite models. So the variety of styles and models in the Beatnik collection for both men and women is still very wide.


As you all know, our shoes are handmade in Spain, with the best leather we can find in the national market. We avoid all kinds of intermediaries, distributors or added expenses in order to offer you a product different from what is usual nowadays. Beatnik are shoes and boots made completely here, only from the best local materials, everything as it was done before. This, together with the careful design of the lasts, gives you an exceptional result both in comfort and in durability and style. Click here to see in detail our new catalogue


As in all our collections, we always choose a theme that is the leitmotif of the collection. That defines your energy and style. And for this one, with all that sense of urgency and illusion to get ahead. To enter a new time full of questions that is the current context, we have chosen one of our favorites. “Beat Surrender“, the last single of the Jam. A wink to the hope of a better time that will undoubtedly come.


Thanks from the heart for being there.

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