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The obvious hallmark of a monk strap shoe is its lack of lacing. The construction of a monk strap is similar to that of a Derby or Blucher, with the quarters overlapping the upper vamp or tongue of the shoe, but instead of meeting in the middle to be laced the shoe is closed by a buckle and strap.

Traditionally, monks ranked in the middle of the formality totem pole. They were considered too informal for suits, but too formal for most casual ensembles. Nowadays most menswear enthusiasts rank the monk strap between the lace-up Oxford and the Derby, and they have become a surprisingly versatile shoe.

The incarnations of the monk shoe are endless and its popularity is expanding all the time. A monk strap today can be worn equally well with a suit or informal denim.

Double Monk Strap Shoes


We reported in the double Monk strap shoes back and I am noticing the trend of men wearing these shoes is getting stronger across Europe. It’s undeniably the shoe of the year. These shoes look great with various different styles. It’s a beautiful antiqued leather made stylish shoe. So how are the “Double Monks” been worn right now?


How to Wear the Double Monk Strap Shoes


The brown double monk is the clear favourite for men, because the colour is versatile.

The double monk is very popular with grey wool pants. The chosen colour seems again to be brown but grey is a perfect colour to team your monks with anything bold.

Sure, they’re stylized and debonair, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear them with a suit. Let these uptown players have a taste of downtown action by pairing them with your favorite khakis or jeans


Speaking of jeans, roll them up to show a little sock when you’re wearing double monk straps. With their signature metal buckles, these shoes can handle plaids, stripes and paisleys better than lace-ups.

Because there are no laces, there’s more leather on display with these shoes, so be diligent in caring for them. Double monk straps lose their appeal when they lose their luster.

They may be accompanied by a pinstripe suit or can fit perfectly with dark attire such as black jeans.

Correct during the day, perfect for evenings. A good option is to combine them with narrow trousers. A cross option that fits both working and evening environments.

We want to introduce dark brown monks with two buckles and handmade flower veined leather which is highly flexible while moisture resistant. Urban chic.


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