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Monk Shoes for women
Monk Strap shoes for women buckles are now a perfect complement to the women’s wardrobe. And so the monk strap June has become one of the pillars of our collection from the very beginning. With a stylish upper and an ultra-comfortable shoe last, the choice of wearing our June in any work or formal context has been a constant for many of our friends, all over Europe.

We have in our collection two women’s buckles shoe models. June Black in black calfskin, for the more classic ones. And we have decided to join to this model another version in reddish brown colour. June Brown is as elegant as it is comfortable to wear with any colour palette and is easy to match with trousers of any size and cut. The women’s double buckle shoe is a perfect fit for a formal jacket suit. And incredibly good with all kinds of dresses and skirts.

So this season the June Black monk is a perfect choice for lovers of dark, grey, white and black shades. And on the other hand, June Brown for lovers of cream, pastel and earthy wardrobe colours. Choose your favourite one.

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