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Women’s Blucher

Blucher shoes for women in leather are a classic, elegant and probably the most comfortable of the entire range of Oxford style shoes. The upper closure and the sewn-on blinder allow the shoe leather to be gently fastened to the instep when fastened. Our Ethel bluchers are plenty of classic styles together with a wide range of colours full of strength and personality. The extended upper and the colour guarantee that you will be the elegant one of your group of friends. Ethel Bluchers are available in two-tone blue and black, two-tone blue and beige, aquamarine green, lemon yellow and glossy black.

Like our entire collection, the shoe last is ultra comfortable. Also, the soft calfskin ensures that the foot is surrounded by a material that breathes. And therefore, it fits and adapts perfectly to the room temperature. It is a model that we love cotton pants, a long dress or a classic skirt.

They have been handmade in Spain using only the best calfskin. The sole is sewn and insulated by the Blake procedure. All models are fully lined with purple calf leather. A delight inside and out.

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