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Women’s lace boots

Lace up leather boots for women are a classic in the women’s wardrobe. Two very different versions are available.

There is a light brown brogue Oxford boot with a half cane called Barbara. The upper is based on our entire Oxfords collection. A discreet, super-combinable colour that guarantees maximum versatility. A genuine leather sole with Blake stitching reinforced with composite material for warmth on rainy or colder days. Classic style of a long reed that hugs your user’s leg. And finally, the comfort of being able to easily dress and remove it with the side zipper, in a second.

Boots in any shade of pants are an absolute delight. Perfect with a jacket suit in a work environment they are impeccable and on the other hand, with a dress or skirt they are as feminine as they are warm. Boots that we also think complete any wardrobe for everything that is between seasons and the coldest season.

We have another Lace up leather boots for women. A black heeled ankle boot called Doris. Handmade calfskin boots with 8 centimetres of comfortable square heel, on a composite anti skid material sole, ultra comfortable shoe last and with a line full of personality.

The pleasure of being able to wear any jacket suit, dress and pants with all the elegance and style to stand out from the crowd.

Our Doris lace and heeled boots, in addition to their marked class , add a point of transgression that together with the comfort of their last, will become one of the most dressed elements of your Beatnik wardrobe.

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