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Leather boots for women are a perfect piece in the today’s female wardrobe. Models as the ankle boot with zipper, the classic Chelsea female boot, the lace up boot or the Oxford boot. In all of them, style, comfort and versatility are crucial elements. That are the reasons why they are included year after year in any collection.

Women’s boots are perfect for overcoming inclement weather or rain. But also, the touch of class that they guarantee to the style of their owner is fundamental. For the most classic as for the most daring. Women’s boots available in our Beatnik Shoes collection are in black, blue and brown colours.

All our boots have been entirely handmade in Spain, using only the best leather and raw materials, they are lined with soft calf leather, and all the soles are sewn genuine leather and isolated.

Protection, comfort and style all year round, for many seasons.

Whether in safe options, such as the Oxford in burgundy or deep black or the more luminous versions, such as the two-tone Oxford and Blucher for men. Then, we have the classic black double buckle monk and the touch of colour or our brown leather monk.

Oxford Shoes is a model that always provides a touch of quality and class whatever the context.

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