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Monk Shoes for men

Monk Strap Shoes for men are here to stay. Inside the wardrobe of our contemporary gentleman friends, the shoes with a buckle, monk straps or double man buckle have become in recent years a key player. They have many advantages over other models. On the one hand, there is no need to lace up, they are more comfortable for those of us with the tallest footbridge and are an exquisite dressing option.

The line of our two men’s buckles shoes is very stylish visually. At the same time, we have worked on the design of shoe last so that the comfort is above average. As in the entire collection, we only use the best cowhide, the leather sole is sewn, and the inside of the piece is lined with soft calfskin. The result is the luxurious total comfort.

We have two models in our collection of monk straps. On the one hand, a model in granulated brown Imel leather with anti-humidity treatment. On the other side, a model in black calfskin for a very formal environment and even for a ceremony. They are two attractive options.

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