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Lace up boots for men

Our Truman lace boots for men are handmade in Spain. We only use soft brown calfskin with an insulating sole. The entire interior is lined with a piece of soft leather. After much work, we are proud to present the result of this elegant, robust, warm and very resistant boot.

Our cap toe boot is perfect for going out in between times and on winter days. Its discreet tones fit almost any style. Also, they also provide dynamism and protection against the cold and inclement weather without any doubt.

The sleek lines of the upper and the stylish cane can be worn correctly with corduroy or chinos trousers in any shade from grey to black, passing through pastel colours, are perfect with blue or black jeans and in general with cotton trousers in blue and earth tones. It is more than necessary as a complement to go out on weekends to go for a walk outside the city, for short weekend trips and city walks on weekend breaks at halftime, without fear of any weather, cold or rain. On the other hand, it is perfect with any relaxed styling and free time, any time of the year.

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