We have in our collection of leather sandals for women two models:

Pointed closed sandal Françoise.

This leather women’s sandal is a prodigy of manual work. It has been handmade in Spain with an elaborate interlacing of strips of calf leather.

With a design based on organic shapes, which combines the softest calfskin with a sharp tip finish and embraces the foot in elastic straps, totally stylish footprint and fits into any style. The low heel is perfect for working hours and also for walking in the afternoons of leisure. And by wearing stockings, they can be enjoyed perfectly until the onset of winter.

The Françoise leather pointy sandal is available in peach brown and black.

Roman Sandals Juliette

Based on his material, the leather. A living element that breathes, covers and adapts perfectly to the skin of our feet. All these elements are necessary for each step to take place safely and firmly.

As for the choice of colour, we have chosen bright red calfskin and black calfskin. Women’s leather sandals with minimalist lines. Both day and night.

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