The men’s moccasin or male loafer, as it is called in the Anglo-Saxon world, is an alternative to the traditional elegance of the laced shoe. Moccasins have an infinity of fans for their comfort, ease and speed to put on and take off, and finally, for their excellent versatility to dress from the most formal style with a jacket or blazer to wearing them directly with jeans. In recent seasons, the number of moccasin wearers has been growing, especially among the younger ones, as these models have been rediscovered by designers in both the United States and Europe.
Our moccasins are entirely handmade in Spain, are lined in soft calfskin and are decorated from the classic loafer with a mask, to the loafer with tassels, through the moccasins with fringes and all their combinations. The soles are sewn together, and we have leather versions and also anti-slip technical soles.

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