What is the best footwear for a festival?

Fortunately, there are as many opinions as there are individuals on matters of style. And we can see that there are different types of festivals, mainly for the season of the year, if it is winter, spring or summer. If it will be in an outdoor, indoor or mixed environment, and finally for the geographical […]

How to wear men’s Chelsea boots smartly

Chelsea Boots for men, some tips about how the dress them in style For some years now, within the masculine style, it seems that the only trend has been sports fashion. And it has been a very remarkable exception. This is the  Chelsea boots as an elegant accessory for all styles. Traditionally they have been […]

How to wear Burgundy Oxford Shoes for Men

It’s easy to agree with Wednesday Adams and worship black as the perfect colour (or at least until you find a darker one). But it is also true that there is nothing more boring than having all the shoes of the same colour. On the one hand, there are no nuances in style or the […]

How to combine Oxford and blucher shoes for women in style

Oxford shoes have always been the elegance personified in the men’s wardrobe. Its versatility for all kinds of combinations, cuts and colours made it synonymous with classic and multifunctional style decade after decade. During the last century, throughout the different decades, always as a comfortable option and with a sophisticated light accent to the classic […]