The best gift for Valentine ? A good pair of shoes

Good shoes for Valentine as a present

Every time February begins, in almost every couple, the same question is asked. “This year, for lovers, a little detail, right?” And he nods. But as the day approaches, we always remember the year that there really was a little detail, a little nonsense. And it’s true that Christmas presents were only a short time ago. That this year has been great, too. And this Valentine’s Day thing, isn’t it an invention to sell items? Let’s take a look at it.

A bit of history

Valentin was a Roman Christian who married couples a bit of a cover-up, and some political complications and problems caused him to lose his head, not only metaphorically. After a while, the church wanted to eliminate a pagan festival called Lupercalia, dedicated to the goddess Juno and fertility. And it was made to coincide with the feast of the Roman saint from the year 494 of our era. Throughout the Middle Ages, especially in England and France, this day was much celebrated by lovers and followers of courteous love. And all this, up to our days, without interruption.

Our personal story

And the most important thing is the story of each one of us. We cannot forget that some time ago, (not so long ago) when Valentine’s Day was approaching, it was a crucial day. We were going to give our boyfriend or girlfriend something cool. Something that represented how much we loved that person, even if it was a little card or a box with souvenirs or a cool gift.

Well, we’ve grown up. And although now we are older and have other more severe and formal roles (husbands, mothers, wives, grandparents …) we are still those boys and those girls. To relive that illusion of a day in which you are only the one in love and the one in love with your partner, this great. I know that many of you will think that this is good and should be every day. It should be, but it’s not. And this February 14, every February 14 is the most important, because it’s the next one. And it is perfect to relive that illusion and that love that is behind each couple.

As facts are loves, a little detail is excellent. You have remembered. The intention is what counts. But if the gift is very cool, it will be better, no doubt. And we think that the best offering from lovers is a good pair of shoes or boots, Beatnik, of course. A gift that embraces our couple and makes them come to us, so happy.

Some suggestions for a sure success:

Chelsea Cassady Brown Boot: A Chelsea boot made of the best calf leather, in this case in a brown tone that matches perfectly.

Handmade brown Chelsea boots for men by Beatnik
Chelsea boots for men Cassady Brown

Barbara: This brown, leather-lined, side zippered brogue boot will become your partner’s favourite.

Brown leather brogue boots for women Barbara by Beatnik Shoes
Brown Boots Barbara by Beatnik Shoes

Lena Too Red: This red Oxford shoe is going to love her. And everyone will turn to see how stylish your partner is.

Lena Too red women Oxford shoes by Beatnik shoes
Oxfords for women Beatnik Lena Too Red

Holmes Black & Blue: A two-tone Oxford blue and black, to be elegant and different. A touch of colour for your partner.

Two-Tone classic laces Oxford Style for men Holmes Black & Blue
Two-tone black and blue Holmes by Beatnik Shoes

Tammi Red: The red tassel moccasins that are always in fashion, just because they are timeless.

Red Tassel Loafer for women Tammi Handmade in Spain by Beatnik Shoes
Burgundy Tassel loafers for women Tammi

Allen: Some classic masked moccasins, so that your boy feels formal and comfortable for a long time.

Classic black moccasin for men Allen
Classic black loafers for men Beatnik Allen

In Beatnik, if you wish, we write the personalised message you want and wrap your favourite shoes as a gift. And if it’s not the size, don’t worry, Cupid changes them for you without any expense on your part. Also, there is still the sales season. Do not forget it, Shoes: The best Valentine present. So, let’s get ready for the best Valentine’s Day ever!




Beatnik Shoes Collection FW 19 Once Again

– Beatnik Shoes Collection FW 19 Once Again –

Seasons, as well as seasons, come and go, faster and faster. As Oscar Wilde said, fashion as it is, there is no other option but to change it every six months. That’s one of the reasons why we’re not so attracted to fashionable things. We listen to and read records that have been around for decades. Books that have been around for centuries. We admire people who have left us their legacy a long time ago. Moreover, time gives and takes away reasons inexorably.

Excellent things tend to be practically eternal. So the first ideas, also tend to be the best (not to say of the first records, of all the groups, that this is a universal truth).

For all these reasons, when it comes to designing a new collection we see that we have missed the previous one. We remember your suggestions and notes. After many prototypes, we decided that the vast majority of the models we have are perfect for the following season. Because they have been made to last a lifetime. With the highest quality. Also, for us whether it’s fashionable or not is something we don’t care about at all. It is almost worse because of nothing ages before or worse than what is done on the foam of the days or the echoes of the season. As soon as it is born, it is past and loses much value.

However, first editions, original vinyl or unique pieces only increase their value more and more.

We also like to introduce new elements that we believe complement our collection and also try that within our style, can be outstanding proposals for the new season.

Newcomers for the new season

So this year for men and women, we have included a line of trainers called Harper. A handmade shoe in Spain with the best calfskin leather, fully lined and with a non-slip sole that will delight those who like very casual and casual lines.

Our brand has many influences from the best moments of the past. For us, there are elements of past generations regarding design and style that are insurmountable. At the same time we live in the present moment, and for us, it is vital to listen to your needs. Many of you have asked us for a casual line that has the same quality of materials and comfort as the rest of our collection.

We are very proud to present our new Harper model that adds to our current models, a contemporary element where the best leather on the market come together, the most careful and comfortable design with style as elegant as a classic.

Besides, our trainers are for both boys and girls (as long as we have sizes, of course).


Oxfords & Boots

Our Oxford line of Holmes men’s shoes, which is one of your favourites, had received many requests from you to create a new two-tone grain leather, facing winter and with the traditional cobalt blue at the top and black at the bottom of the shovel. The result will not leave you indifferent.







As for our girl collection, you had asked us for a military boot. But made with the highest quality leather on the market. Also, all this we have rounded off making it in burgundy. Style, warmth, comfort and quality go hand in hand in this superb model called Joan.

Burgundy combat ankle boots for women in genuine leather Joan. Handmade in Spain by Beatnik Shoes

Extending our women’s collection, we include a new Blucher full black brogue as classic as comfortable, with a unique and spectacular French suede that you must try called Ethel Black Suede. An absolute delight.









For all lovers of comfortable and low heels, we have possibly made one of your dreams. Sylvie is a salon shoe with a very feminine buckle. And a very warm last and the best leather on the market. One version is very classic and formal in black and white, and the other version is entirely black.


Finally, one of the elements we like the most is to dedicate each collection to a theme that has made us vibrate for a long time. So speaking of time, the English band Makin’ time is one of our favourites. For this collection, we have selected Once again. Just because it’s excellent and we hope you like it as much as the latest collections.

A link with the Makin’ Time theme Once Again and see you online and offline!!!!!

How to match shoes with suit and pants tone for men

Tips about suits and shoes colour combination for men

Handmade in Spain brown suede desert boot Kenneth by Beatnik Shoes
Handmade in Spain brown suede desert boot Kenneth by Beatnik Shoes

One of the most recurring doubts we encounter is about how to match shoes with suit and pants tone for men. And it is logical, in the end, we want our purchase to be very versatile and that our investment does not become a museum piece in our closet.

On the one hand, one of the most controversial and amusing topics is to see how the lists of friendly and enemy colours evolve. We have witnessed heated speeches for and against combining black and blue, as well as brown and burgundy. And we have been able to see defenders or enemies of this combination at any cost, wearing them proudly for a few seasons.

Color, Tone and condition

And the reality is that they were right before and after. If you think they don’t match, you can’t see them together. As much as all the chromatic wheels are in favour.  On the other hand, even the traditionally closest colours do not work if one of the garments is already worn or if the shoes are not in perfect condition. From our point of view, it is much more important that the garments are worn gracefully and well cared for than that they comply with the rules of the current fashion magazine.

Handmade in Spain brown leather lace up boots Truman and blue suede Oxford Corso by Beatnik Shoes
Handmade in Spain brown leather lace up boots Truman and blue suede Oxford Corso by Beatnik Shoes

Besides, the tone is critical. It is not the same an electric blue or a light blue as a navy blue. In the end, the dark colours are all very close in the shade to each other. And it is effortless to combine them because each one brings a small nuance, very close to the general tone of the rest of the garments.

That said, we can assure you that for all the men there are more colours than black regarding shoes. Brown, burgundy and blue would be options as universal or more than black. And if also, they are in shades close to matching (all light to all light, all dark to all dark), then practically all four are universal colours.



Two-tone Oxford shoes combination

Handmade in Spain brown Imel leather textured double buckle monk strap for men Lamantia by Beatnik Shoes
Handmade in Spain brown Imel leather textured double buckle monk strap for men Lamantia by Beatnik Shoes

In our collection, another ubiquitous question is about bicolour Oxford. And yes, they can be easily combined, even from the most classic canons. Two contrasting, contrasting shades allow the rest of the garment to choose one, the other or, finally, the sum of the two. For example for our Oxford Holmes Black and White. The shirt could be white.  It’s already combined. And the rest doesn’t have to be black. The pants can be in an infinite sea of grey or cold tones. And you look perfect in your two-tone colours. Another option would be to do the opposite, for example. Go utterly monochrome in grey and that the only colour shade is the shoes. The contrast is exquisite.

From our point of view, we like the colour and the total freedom to combine them. Only for the more traditional and in a work context, earthy and light tones can be more difficult. But the truth is that wearing beige in the office is not common. (At least, for the moment).





For ease of use, a chart about how to match shoes with suit and pants tone for men is attached.  And in case of doubt, dare and combine it.

Beatnik Shoes color chart combination for gents collection

What is the best footwear for a festival?

Fortunately, there are as many opinions as there are individuals on matters of style. And we can see that there are different types of festivals, mainly for the season of the year, if it is winter, spring or summer. If it will be in an outdoor, indoor or mixed environment, and finally for the geographical location. It is not the same if you are going to listen to bands next to the Mediterranean or in the north of Europe… ( by musical theme we are not going to enter today, we will already make some next entrance, and we promise you that it will be convincing…)… And the reality of the possible options is that there are objective facts that are very stubborn.


A-The top 3 best footwear for a festival 

It is true that there is a good option for the indoor festival, which would be a good Oxford. But without a doubt, the best choice for any type of festival would be a pair of boots. And inside the shoes, there are different styles that we love.

1- Chelsea Boots

Perfect and comfortable for indoor and outdoor and any season of the year.

They fit perfectly with any style more or less formal and more or less warm. In addition to the form, its advantages are clear since

they protect the foot from stomping and injury, the toe cap prevents us from suffering in the toes by any kind of accident. Finally, in the case of cold or rain, we are waterproofed and always with the ankle covered. Our favourite choice would be leather, like our Chelsea Cassady in brown or black leather.

2- Laced boots

As for protection, comfort and warmth, they are a perfect option. For any time and especially in winter and outdoors they are fantastic. Of the classic sprouted type or more similar to the traditional military boots, you will not be mistaken in wearing them. For us, they are not the best option because we are devoted to the Chelsea style of boots. In the Beatnik collection, we have Truman boots in brown calf leather, which are all comfort and style.

C- Zipper boots.

These boots are comfortable to put on and take off and, in addition to protecting the foot, they are ultra elegant for you. A short leather boot in addition to styling and giving a perfect air to the style will be a winning option when you are surrounded by people who jump or dance non-stop. We have our Astrud zipper boots in both classic black and Royal blue, any of which can be easily combined with all types of trousers, shorts, dresses or skirts. And for the more classic ones, our brown Oxford Barbara boot, a little higher for northern festivals or in colder environments.

B- The 3 worst footwear choices to wear at a music festival

1 – Flip-flops

Some tell us how fresh and happy they are with flip-flops  (although others call it Hawaiian origin that seems better). We do not doubt that the absence of material makes them light and does not give heat.

In contrast, we find that to walk or stand for a long time is a terrible idea since all kinds of muscular and sole problems can occur. On the other hand, the absence of a shovel means that it is the skin and the foot itself that will receive the full weight of a foot stomp or stumble. And now, in a much more terrible way, we don’t want to think about the suffering of your fingers and nails when you stumble upon anything, in a very narrow space, full of people and things.

So it is an hazardous option and not recommended at all. And we’re not going to get into what you can step into as the festival and the night progresses.

2- Trainers.

Sport shoes (a descriptive name that indicated where they were intended to be worn) are not, have not been and will not be the best choice to go to a festival. Neither interior nor exterior. It usually rains at outdoor festivals. Even in the summer months. And we don’t even count what could be a festival in central or northern Europe, like Glastonbury or Roskilde. Such poetic images of rainbows and so on are not photomontages. It’s raining a lot. And there’s no need to go north. In Spain, since the classic Esparrago rock, some old FIB, the Primavera that has not made a heat wave and in the last Tomavistas, the sky fell on the public.

Almost most of them were equipped with canvas and polymer sneakers. As a result, a sure cold and a particular danger of slipping were over the place. As for the indoor festivals, some sports shoes are not the best choice for dancing on wood. And regarding style, well, we already said that there are opinions of all tastes.

3- Plastic Shoes

Certainly, whatever the style or colour, modern or classic. It is ugly, dangerous, hazardous and genuinely horrible. Always

And what would be the best footwear for a festival for you? We are delighted to hear your views.





Beatnik Shoes SS 2018 Collection – Summer Fun –

Beatnik Shoes SS 2018 Collection – Summer Fun –

Looks like he’s never gonna make it. All the rain in the world falls on us, and it snows, and the wind and the cold and everything that has been and will be. With a context around us that is anything but beautiful and in a world that almost all of us like less and less. But fortunately, there are good things that no one can stop from happening. And one of our favourites is the arrival of spring and summer. Much more light, much less cold, longer days, eternal nights. To be able to run away from work and from our city. Run away, even for a few days, from our house. All this is for us this spring summer season.

A gift for all of us and we will try to make the most of it. This season we have opted for colour as opposed to the grey shades of winter that we have gone through. Please see link to our new collecction PDF Catalogue.

Female Collecction

In our women’s collection, we love to introduce our new Blucher Ethel Orange Crush, all comfort and style for this season’s dinner and party nights.

Along with it, our bi-colour monk shoe with Brenda fringes, this time in red and white. A colour combination that matches both light and dark tones and whose extra wide last will delight you this summer and also this autumn and winter…. many seasons in short.

We have introduced the two-tone Ethel Blue Cream Blucher in soft calfskin in icy blue and beige for those of you who like the more classic and easily combined colors, and we warn you that even though it looks incredible, it is even more beautiful live than in the photo.

And finally, the star of the summer collection. Our handmade black crab sandal, handmade. We have included a comfortable 4-centimetre full heel to avoid all the heat of summer on your heels and then a widening in the shovel that prevents the toes from escaping to the sides. Elegance, style and comfort in abundance.

Sandalia en punta negra de mujer por Beatnik Shoes

Male Collection

As for our boys’ collection, we have a new item, the new Miller Brown Oxford Men’s Shoe Miller Brown, which you liked so much in the first presentations that we have practically run out of stock, ( but as you know we made to order, so there is no problem).

And on the other hand, we decided to follow your advice and reintroduce the models you liked best, such as our Oxford in Corso Blue suede, perfect for summer and leisure evenings.

And we mustn’t forget that the most dandies have an unmissable date with our range of two-tone Oxfords and Bluchers, where our Black & White Holmes, the Beige & Brown Holmes and the classic Lucien Blucher in blue and white shine with their own light. All handmade in soft, fresh and light calfskin with leather sole.

Holmes man Oxford black & White by Beatnik ShoesDerby en piel azul y blanco hombre Beatnik Shoes

We are happy to hear your opinions and suggestions. And in the meantime, we’re giving you the link to the song that inspired us for this collection (and for many good summer nights), the classic Barracuda “Summer fun”.

The best gift for Mother’s Day: A Good pair of Beatnik shoes

It’s true that they’re always going to tell us why we did it. Moms will say that they didn’t need to and they’ll pretend to be angry. But; it’s just not right. They love getting a call, a kiss, flowers and why not say it, an excellent gift.

And like a good son, daughter or husband, the gift and the Mother’s Day meal is an excellent opportunity to get together. And choose a great gift that will make you more excited than many small things (we know this too, even if they tell us the opposite many times).

Among those good gifts that our beloved mothers love, which are safe at the top next to the bags? Right, a good pair of shoes. This beautiful object is as useful as it is necessary and helps us to define our way of dressing definitively.

Best gift for mothers’ day: shoes. And she is going to thank us infinitely for several reasons:

– It is a practical and lasting gift. There are never enough of them. And every day you have to wear one. One that you have to match with the wardrobe you have chosen for that particular day.

– It’s a natural gift. Once you know the size, there’s usually no problem ( and if there is one or whatever it is you don’t like the present, you can change it for free). And it is an excellent opportunity for all of us children and with the help and cooperation of the father, to look for the best option. Today, thanks to the internet, you don’t need to stay physically to buy it, we send it home free of charge.

– It’s an elegant gift. And it’s true that it’s a very personal gift, so those of us who know our mother best know her tastes and style. When we see something that reminds us of her, we always say “she’d love this model”, and it’s great when we look at her face in surprise and joy because we’re right.Among our suggestions for this fantastic gift we suggest some models:

– A comfortable Oxford shoe. This model, which in recent seasons has been gaining ground on catwalks all over the world, is one of the favourites for its classic style, the enormous comfort of its low heel and, in our case, for the colour combinations we include. We suggest a couple of options that you will love, our Ethel Lemon Yellow and the Lena Too red. Two colourful versions to brighten your day.

  • An ankle boot in leather. It’s another favourite choice for the more stylish moms. Both the French suede version of our Ella Nude and the cobalt blue calfskin option of the Beatnik Astrud Blue. Two super-comfortable delicacies.

Botines mujer Astrud azul por Beatnik Shoes

  • And already for the coming season, some new sandals such as our Françoise Noir crabs or Mary Jane two-toneBrenda. So they can wear them all this spring and summer.

Beatnik Sandal

We cannot fail to remember that Mother’s Day is every day, every day of your life. A million thanks to all of you, because you are always the greatest and you deserve everything and more.

How to wear men’s Chelsea boots smartly

Chelsea Boots for men, some tips about how the dress them in style

For some years now, within the masculine style, it seems that the only trend has been sports fashion. And it has been a very remarkable exception. This is the  Chelsea boots as an elegant accessory for all styles.

Traditionally they have been used with black skinny jeans and monochromatic tones (black almost always). Chelsea black boots were already a personality-filled element. As simple as wearing a t-shirt, a short jacket and black denim pants. And so it has been over the last 50 years. Since the beat movement in England and the American garage sixties rock and roll will use them with total devotion.  As the decades went by, the different scenes of rock and roll fell down to the classic charm of good Chelsea booties. In addition to the style, the ease of use, the speed with which they can be put on and taken off as well as the degree of protection they provide to the ankle have always made them a winning offer for any wardrobe.

To show you some stars who have dressed them over the years, we will start with the Beatles. In fact, they dress them as they are now dressed in the formal model. With a full suit and tie or as we particularly like them, with a simple gooseneck.

Here we have the future Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan, many years before he was invested, all in black.

And finally, a competition of how to be the coolest in the world. The Velvet Underground + Nico + Andy Warhol, all with Chelsea boots and all with sunglasses.

At the end of the last century, fashion trends appeared as the casual business, casual Fridays where along with suede bluchers and desert boot. It began to emerge as an option for footwear the Chelsea suede boots combined with Chinese pants and blazers. It was never on a massive scale, but they had already left the concert hall, so to speak, and could be seen from time to time.

Some Chelsea business style pictures

And since then, they have been used mainly at the autumn-winter season in leather. And spring mostly in suede almost always in different shades of brown. With earthy colours, pastel, ochre and of course with the ever-present blue, they combine perfectly.

And in this latter part of the second decade of the 21st century, along with the more casual style we talked about earlier, the formal Chelsea booty has emerged as an element of modern dandy, to be worn with the most formal and distinguished looks. Not only with a jacket, but also a full suit, combined with a long or short raincoat, coat or Crombie. And being used in black, leather, mahogany brown or the different tones of suede.  The combination combines classicism, elegance and above all, comfort. Chelsea suits are perfect in grey, blue and black suits and with all sorts of patterns. From tweed to a classic pinstripe or prince of Wales. Always impeccable and flawless.

At Beatnik Shoes, we have our Chelsea Cassady men’s boots available in black calfskin and mahogany brown leather and brown, brown suede and tobacco. All of them are lined inside with leather and a leather sole plus an additional anti-slip layer.

Get a perfect style wearing a good pair of Chelsea boots!

Beatnik Shoes in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

On the 28th of January, our shoes were parading through the catwalk of Madrid’s fashion week. Sunday was the day on which took place the presentation of the FW 2018 collection by the basque designer Ion Fiz,”I am what I am”. In his own words has called it that way since “I am as I am and for that reason, I design what I design, what comes out of my heart, without artifices”. A collection full of nods to New York, both Andy Warhol’s Factory and Studio 54 hedonism.

Beatnik Shoes in MBFW Madrid
Beatnik Shoes in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

And within this universe, Ion Fiz, who always likes to look for collaborations with emerging brands such as Beatnik shoes, has invited us to participate in this fashion show. The models that have paraded along with their creations have been our Oxfords Holmes Black and White, the genuine leather Oxford Holmes Deep black, the Lamantia buckle shoes and of course, our Chelsea boots. The combination of his work with our models could not have been better, as you can see in the attached images. Color, contrast, texture and always quality.

Beatnik Shoes in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid
Beatnik Shoes in MBFW Madrid

For us, seeing our shoes in the middle of the catwalk with all the scenery of one of the most exciting fashion weeks in Europe has been an enormous stimulus and a high load of positive energy. Now we can only work even harder to present you with models and novelties that will continue to surprise and amaze you because you are entirely the reason for our existence. In our inspiration and work, this is true; we are coming from the streets to the catwalk. And of course, a million thanks, Ion, for your trust.

Attached this link for you to see the whole event.